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Posted by on Jan 5, 2019 in Escorts, Packages, Services, Testimonials | 0 comments

How to Be Professional When Dealing with an Escort

How to Be Professional When Dealing with an Escort

Escort services are legal in some states and countries. You are paying for the time spent and not just for sex, even if the girl is one of the cheap escorts. You can land in trouble if you don’t know how to act professionally when handling an escort. The fact that you are parting with some money doesn’t give you the right to dehumanize your service provider. To be professional as a client you must observe the following:

Ascertain the age of the escort

Most laws that apply to prostitution also apply to escort services. You can easily land into trouble with the law if you engage the services of an escort who is under 18 years. This is crucial, especially when dealing with independent escorts. Make sure you have confirmed their age before accepting their services. Some shady escort agencies are involved in child trafficking so make sure you are dealing with adults.

Allow the escort to decide the mode of payment

To maintain professionalism when dealing with escorts, allow them to decide how you will pay for the services. Most escorts prefer cash though other may want you to pay via credit card or online means. Payment should be made before the services are rendered.

Know what to say

When you call an escort agency or an independent escort, never mention the word sex. You are paying for the time and not sex. Remember the services of an escort can be without sex. Their core business is to rid you of the loneliness and offer company for the specified time.

Be presentable

For the best experience, you must look good. Just because you are being charged for the service doesn’t mean you should be unkempt or you have not showered for a week. Since you expect excellent services, you must be presentable. Choose classy outfits and killer cologne.

Ask before taking pictures or making recordings

You should not take any pictures of your escort without their approval. This will translate to disrespect. Most men think they can take photos of their escorts without asking, you may learn it the hard way. Always request your escort to allow you to record or take pictures. If she objects, respect their decision.

Embrace courtesy

Any act of violence or disrespect could lead to severe consequences. You cannot expect to demean your escort and expect quality services form them. Reciprocate the courtesy extended to you. Your escort will be more open to you if you act professionally.

Armed with this information, you now know how to act professionally when engaging the services of an escort. Respect their work, and you will get the best from them. You can build a long-term relationship with an escort if you respect and value their services.

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